Winding down, Gearing up

In which Emily and Morgan catch up on everything that has happened since the end of the summer; apologize for their prolonged absence; and speak of future plans.

The summer came crashing to a close, much more quickly than we would have liked. Morgan went back to her job as a consultant (her employer graciously gave her a hiatus to work on this project), and Emily started teaching again at RISD, though their connection to the Apprenticeshop continues, as Emily also decided to officially enroll as an apprentice boatbuilder at the shop! The commute from Rhode Island to Rockland is a little rough, but the combination of learning and teaching opportunities is rare and worth it. She’s been learning to build curvy hulls with rocker and length, though her heart is still with Michi Zeebee.

Zeebee was moved to Freeport for winter storage, and despite a brief scare with mildew, she’s been resting safely. We started working on her again last week, prepping her interior and beginning to lay the decking. We’ve also started a third round of fundraising, designed some patterns for the boat’s exterior, and set up more events on the river. Things are rolling again! Expect more regular updates soon! We promise!

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